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Kings High School

Electrical services in connection with Construction of Performance Theater and Assembly Hall based around the original building outline in association with a Restoration Architect in Warwick.

Performance Theater

On receipt og the building outline and basic Client requirements a design was prepared in accordance with the IEE Wiring Reulations and negotiations undertaken with both the Architect and Client to approve and realize the proposals.

The design involved the assessment and diversion of existing undergroung private supplies to allow for the construction of the new building and the installation of new supplies to both a number of existing buildings and the thearter.

An extensive lighting scheme was prepared including emergency lighting in accordance with the requirements in place at the time and dimmable acess lighting for illumination of circulations areas during performances.

The school was already provided with both fire detection and intruder alarm systems and these were modified and extended to suit the new layout.

Other internal school services modified and incorporated into the redeveloped area included class change and address systems.

With the theater capable of seating over 250 people air conditioning, heating and general ventillation were a priority. The HVAC system was installed by others with cables and supplies sized and installed as part of the electrical works. Due to the loading of these HVAC units dedicated supplies from the main Supply Authorities intake position were necessary.