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As fitted drawings


Original CAD drawings can be forwarded by the contractor, on CD, Floppy Disk, Zip Disk, Micro CD or via e-mail.
On receipt of the engineer's site marked up drawings revisions are made to the original tender drawings to bring them to draft “As Fitted” status.


An important part of the As Fitted drawing is the addition of your company logo. Mostly company logos are in BMP format which does not insert well into many of the CAD packages and produces poor final print quality. To provide professional results the logo and any drawings can be redrawn or prepared in Auto CAD DWG format up to release 2004.


Where required paper prints from A4 upto A0 in monochrome or colour can be supplied. On approval of the Draft drawings the final “As Fitteds” are then saved on an indexed CD complete with self adhesive label indicating, The Project, Client, Contractor and any other relevant information.


Operation and Maintenance Manuals incorporate all manufactures literature where available) including copies of circuit schedules, commissioning certificates and completion certificates. For the preparation of an accurate manual information regarding the wiring system, materials & accessories installed,suppliers schedules etc. will be required. This is best achieved by forwarding a copy of the relevant sections of the specification. Printed & Bound Manuals can also be provided.


A recent addition to the range of services offered is the preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals as a web based self running file stored on compact disk. The disk contains manufactures data sheets, commissioning certificates, description of works and any associated "As Fitted" drawings etc,etc.
The advantages of this format are :-
1. Ease of access to the information as the manual can be stored on the computers hard drive and retrieved with a click of the mouse.
2. A CD based manual requires far less physical storage space in the office than a normal ring bound manual.
3. Information cannot be removed and lost as with a ring bound manual.
4. Information can be printed from it at anytime ie for replacement distribution schedules on site.

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