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Lighting Design & Assessments

Relux software

Lightning Design

With two of the most widely used lighting design software packages to hand, lighting designs are prepared quickly and efficiently to the Clients requirements, Performance Specification, CIBSE Guide etc. each calculation carried out to exact floor and room plans. Where additional information can be supplied such as wall and floor finishes and their associated colours and textures, this information can also be included within the calculation.

All lighting design software is kept at the latest release and updates obtained at the earliest opportunity for all manufactures databases program enhancements etc.

Where a Client has a specific request for a luminaire and the luminaire is not included in one of the manufactures data bases, providing the manufacture of the luminaire can provide the data in TM10, ELUMDat or other supported file type this can be imported and the calculation carried out.

CAD Interface

CAD Interface

With the lighting design software currently used already interfaced with the Elcocad design software it is now possible to carry out calculations directly within the building floor plans and transfer all calculated data and luminaire positions directly into the CAD environment including manufacturers luminaire dimensions allowing accurate and precise positioning.

In addition with Elcocad running as a module with the AutoCAD environment all drawings produced can be saved in AutoCAD format from version 2000 upto release 2004 or associated drawing exchange format files (dxf).

Result Overwiew

 Result overview          


Both lighting packages provide extensive multipage reports (upto 43 pages) the designer deciding how much or as little information is necessary for the project or requested by the Client.
On completion of a project all calculations are indexed and saved on a compact disk and returned for approval and comment, this CD allowing calculations to be viewed as if visiting a website through simple selection processes starting at a main title page. This give the Client the opportunity to visualise the scheme and proposed luminaires.


Floor Plan         

Floor Plan


Luminaire Data                          

Luminaire Data



Wall and ceiling mounted luminaires
Combination of Wall Mounted and ceiling mounted luminaires

Multilamp 12V50W recessed downlighters and concealed perimeter pelmet lighting.