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Private Boys School

6th Form Teaching Centre

Sixth Form Teaching Centre built around existing building template

Electrical Services involved the disconnection of all existing services to allow for partial demolition of the existing flat roof section of the building.

As part of the reconstruction process the existing supply from the schools internal network was upgraded and new main and sub distribution boards installed throughout the redeveloped building.

Lighting and power services were installed throughout, incorporating a suspended tube-lighting system to the main open student rest room on the first floor, this being necessary due to the ornate wood trusswork of the original building and the lack of useable ceiling onto which luminaries could be mounted.

The remainder of the internal lighting comprised of 12V50W halogen downlighters, compact florescent decorative bulkheads and standard florescent batten luminaries to the storage areas.

To set off the building a system of ground mounted high pressure mercury floodlights were provided these being controlled via a preset time clock and photocell arrangement with manual override facility.

Incorporated into the lighting scheme were all necessary emergency luminaries requested by the local Fire Officer, Building Control and BS5466.

A new stand alone fire detection system linked to the the schools main system was provided and all internal school services such as telephone, data and class change were extended to the building.