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Digital Manuals

With the project nearing completion the every electrical contractors thoughts turn to the "Operation and Maintenance" manuals required for the project.

These days they are normally required in draft format prior to the completion of the project and then updated to Final Status as the final finishing touches to the building are carried out.

By forwarding a copy of the original specification / project particulars to Drawing Services the preparation of the Draft Manual can start at the project onset.

As the project progresses all we would ask is that details relating to the modifications to the original specification be forwarded to our offices by post, fax or e-mail in order that these changes can be incorporated along the way.

Throughout the project duration all information would be assembled in a logical and useable format normally the only items being sent through to us at the last minute being test and commissioning certificates.

On receipt these would be digitized and incorporated into the relevant section prior to the final printing.