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Lighting assessments and calculations are carried out using Relux Processional 2004 & Dial Lux software.
To achieve the lighting levels detailed in the specification actual data for the specified luminaries is used, with wall,ceiling and floor finishes where known being accounted for.

As the design develops and the loading assessment/ initial circuitry arrangements are completed, calculations are carried out to establish the sizes of sub mains and index cables for the lighting, and power final subcircuits using a combination of two of the most advanced software products available.


Amtech Power Software              



EloCAD R4                                



Throughout the design process all calculated results, circuit schedules etc are indexed and referenced to the current project revision, thus allowing the designer to look back over the design in a logical order identifying where modifications additions have occurred and ensure all documentation is at the current standing.


Document 1



Document 2


External Assessments :

Where site plans are available the external lighting requirements can be calculated or checked for a given scheme, full account being taken of the surrounding structures such as planting, walkways and other adjacent buildings.


On approval the final design and the assembled information, (including any original documentation supplied in digital format) relating to the design, design drawings, cable calculations, lighting calcs, schedules etc are saved to an indexed CD,Floppy Disk, Zip Disk or Mini CD depending on the project size, and returned to the Client.

If required further assistance and modifications to the design is available throughout the contract, resulting in the preparation of the final “As Fitted” drawings / O&M Manuals.

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